Hi there! We’re so glad you’re here.

This is Dave, my handsome husband :)

Credit: John Huynh, 2012

and I’m Sarah Lynn! The one with the boring hair 😉

Credit: Joshua Ayres, 2014

We are pre-deployed staff with ReachGlobal, anticipating long-term, cross-cultural service in Asia by fall of 2016.

Where to begin? Dave and I met the very first week I moved to Kansas in the summer of 2010. We divinely re-connected six months later, and began bonding over many shared interests including cross-cultural service, photography, writing, a love for Asia, and our matching introverted personalities :-)

One month later we joyfully entered into a six month courtship, and then into a ‘long’ eight month engagement.

Engaged, Credit: Anna Pilcher, 2011

We ‘finally’ married in April of 2012! Although we desired to serve in Asia at some point in our life together, we agreed it would be best for us to establish our marriage in the states first.

Married, Credit: Anna Pilcher, 2012

Throughout our first three years of marriage, Dave and I enjoyed working together for his side video business, Wings of Dawn Productions. We filmed predominantly weddings during this time, as well as local ministries. But as you may have guessed, a desire for filming and serving overseas remained deep inside the both of us.

In late 2014, we felt it time to pursue this calling on our lives. We didn’t know what this looked like exactly, until our Father sovereignly brought us to ReachGlobal’s “Asia Media Producer” position in February of 2015.

Wings of Dawn logo
“Wings of Dawn” comes from Psalm 139. Logo Credit: Erin DeGroot, 2010

The rest is history! And the start of our blog :)

Before we wrap up here, please know our blog is not only for us but you, too! It is our hope that you’ll find something beneficial to you as you join us on our journey. And we truly look forward to learning from you, too!

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And lastly, if you’re like me and prefer to read about our journey in a “beginning to end” fashion, start with the “Calling Series“, then continue on into the “PD Series“, which is where we are at currently :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

In this together, Dave and Sarah Lynn