PD Series: Thoughts + A One Minute Film


Psalm 46 has been the Scripture I find myself clinging to in light of world events, as well as in light of the spiritual needs of Asia we continue to learn about.

I encourage you to read through the entire Psalm, but here is what our Father has reminded us that I’d like to share:

“Be still and know that I am G. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” (Psalm 46:10 – English Standard Version)


We finally had a moment to put together video clips from our Vision Trip. Due to the nature of the trip, we didn’t take very much video at all; however, we’re excited to show you a little bit in this short, nothing-fancy video. Enjoy :)


One last question I wanted to address, because it’s a good one we’ve been asked this recently and frequently: “When’s your next trip?”

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PD Series: Training #1

REV Week Group Photo – Fall 2015

I can hardly believe our Vision Trip and Training #1 are complete!

It seems like forever ago we were asking for prayer for this crazy month, unable to imagine how we’d survive– two weeks in Thailand, one week back in Wichita to adjust, then off to Minnesota for a week of training. But our Father doesn’t want us to just survive, He wants us to thrive! Though tired we were, thrive we did thanks to His Spirit and your prayers for us. Continue reading PD Series: Training #1

PD Series: Vision Trip – October 2015

Nine flights, two continents, and three countries later– and I’m too jet-lagged to finish this sentence ;). BUT I’m not too jet-lagged to express how overjoyed and grateful I am for this trip, the people we met, and each of you who partnered with us in your gifted ways. Thank YOU!


Travel & Health – All transportation by ground and air went smoothly- we are grateful for no major sicknesses (just a few stomach issues here and there) which allowed us to maximize our time. Thank you for praying for our travels and health!

Placement – We are excited to share that after our trip and having a de-brief call, we’ve officially been invited to be part of ReachGlobal‘s ServeAsia team, and we’ve accepted the invitation! Thank you for praying for wisdom and discernment; the journey continues :)

Vision Trip – CHIANG MAI
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